Nokia C10, Nokia C20 Manual / User Guide

Nokia C10 | Nokia C20 User Manual & Review – The Nokia C10 and C20 both have identical designs, including a rounded camera module design. The body is made of polycarbonate plastic—the same material used in the previous Lumia series, which is also known to be strong. It comes in attractive color options, complete with a large screen.

The Nokia C10 &C20 both have a large 6.52-inch screen with HD+ resolution. Classified as standard, but at least the panel used is IPS. Special Nokia C10, given special protection Panda Glass. A slightly thick bezel is also understandable considering the price class, weighing 191 grams.

The main difference between these two smartphones lies in the chipset, network support, and camera features. Both use chipsets from Unisoc, Nokia C10 still uses quad-core CPU architecture, while Nokia C20 is octa-core supported. Both still use fabrication at 28nm, combined with the 1/2GB RAM option and 16/32GB of internal storage. Certainly with a microSD card slot.

Due to the different processors, the Nokia C10 does not yet come with HDR features. But both have two 5MP sensors; one in the back with autofocus, and one in front without autofocus. Yes, the sensors are equally large, and both are equipped with LED flashes. The video recording is 720p 30fps only.

The battery capacity is also quite good which has a capacity of 3,000 mAh. The chipset difference is also a differentiator of network support in each product; Nokia C10 only supports a 3G network, while Nokia C20 is already 4G.

If the specifications, HMD entrusted the Android 11 Go Edition operating system that can help ease the performance of the processor. So how much is the price for the series targeted to the owner of this first smartphone? The Nokia C10, being the cheapest, will go on sale starting at 75 Euros.

While the Nokia C20 that already supports 4G is a little more expensive it ranges from 89 Euros. At the same price, consumers can buy a smartphone with a much higher value such as Redmi 9C or Realme C21 though. There’s no guarantee of a security update for up to two years, indeed, but having a camera setup and other features is more tempting.

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