Huawei Watch Fit Elegant Manual / User Guide

Huawei Watch Fit Elegant User Manual & Review – As expected from the name, Huawei Watch Fit Elegant comes with a more elegant design, in contrast to the previous version that actually has a sporty look. The difference is in the material and the overall color, the more fashionable look.

From the photo above, it is seen when Huawei Watch Fit Elegant has a different color look. There are two colors to choose from Frosty White (with golden accents on the body) and Midnight Black. The body of this watch also has a different material.

Unlike the usual series, this time the body surrounding the screen looks coated with stainless steel material. The straps are still rubber, not leather like most premium watches. But the material is slightly different, use the material that Huawei calls the “fluoroelastomer”.

These different ingredients are claimed to be better than ordinary silicon materials. Made more heat, moisture, oil, and stretch resistant. It is more expensive in production costs, but also more durable and more resistant than certain allergic reactions in its users.