Microsoft Surface Duo Manual / User Guide

Microsoft Surface Duo User Manual & Review – The Surface Duo has two AMOLED screens measuring 8.1 inches (1800 x 2700 pixels), and another 5.6 inches, this phone is 4.8mm thick and will support the Surface Pen. The screen also supports Corning Gorilla Glass 5 as the protector.

For performance, Surface Duo uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and combines it with 6GB RAM, and two option storage. The phone has one 11-megapixels camera in the upper right corner that can face forward and back.

To make it more complete, the Surface Duo is powered by a battery of 3577 mAh complete with a fast-charging USB-C. Microsoft Surface Duo is not equipped with wireless charging, NFC, and 5G capabilities, perhaps this is one of the shortcomings of Microsoft Surface Duo.

But there’s a special reason why this phone doesn’t support 5G. That’s because Qualcomm requires the company to include 5G chips separately with snapdragon 865. While the Surface Duo design was completed first before the condition came out. The Automatic Surface Duo has no additional space for the 5G chip.

If Microsoft wants to use Snapdragon 865, that means the Surface Duo design must be overhauled. It’s going to take a lot of time. Whereas Microsoft plans to release the Surface Duo earlier than scheduled.

Meanwhile, this device will be launched by running Android 10 OS. But predicted, Microsoft will update the phone with Android 11 when the OS is officially released.